Rural Poster

Create a Poster using PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Publisher. 2. You can also utilize another platform to create your poster if you do not have one of these available. 3. Locate an image or take a photo that illustrates some aspect of the concept of ‘a rural community.’ 4. Add the image to your poster. 5. Add 5 key rural terms or concepts to your poster. List of Rural Terms below, select and 5 terms below (define them) and use them in PowerPoint Poster. Poster only needs to be ONE page, see instructions below on how to create a Poster in PowerPoint Instructions on how to create a Poster in Power Point List of rural terms, choose 5, define them in the poster, and add rural photo Rural: Rural dwellers: Taxonomy: Geography: Geographic taxonomy: Frontier: Distance: Choices: Access to care: Social capital: Digital divide: Health seeking behaviors: Resources: US Census Bureau Urbanized Area: Urban Cluster and Rural taxonomy: Economic Research Services (ERS): Rural-Urban Continuum Codes (RUCCs): Rural nursing: Rural health: Self-reliance:

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