Replacing its EMR

A Healthcare Care Center will be replacing its EMR system with a popular EMR vendor and needs to migrate most of the clinical data over to the new EMR. The current data is stored in 3 disparate systems, therefore maintaining different enterprise platforms. The time line for accomplishing this assignment is 120 days, and there is a possibility of several unknown issues that will require your attention to work through prior to the migration. EMR Solutions are chosen as the conversion vendor to help the Healthcare Care Center to accomplish this task more quickly and efficiently. The source EMR system had been used by 30 providers along with many healthcare workers over the course of five years. The EMR system host over one million data record, and a million images and documents. Assignment Instructions You are embarking on the initiation phased of the project management process. Create a project charter document based on the information provided above. As you develop your project charter, focus on the Project Initiate Group section within your text as a point of reference. Current and proper APA formatting is required and must include a title page, proper margins, citations, organization, proper grammar and spelling, and an ending reference list page. The word count is 1000 double-spaced words, using an introductory and conclusion paragraph heading as you develop the project charter. Additionally, the project charter should include the basic information below. Project title Estimated start and finish dates Business need, goals, and scope Justification and background High-level deliverables Project manager and authorized level of authority Key project stakeholders High-level resources needed Other resources needed High-level milestones and estimated timeline High-level budget estimation Assumptions and constraint Risks and risk management strategy Critical measures of success.

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