Racial Injustices Are a Standard Norm Happening in The World Essay 3

Racial Injustices Are a Standard Norm Happening in The World Essay

Textual analysis Essay 3-5 pages

You are now ready to write and submit your essay analyzing a published text.

Introduction: Your introduction should fully identify the article you’re analyzing (author’s name, title of article, place and date of publication). It should also briefly summarize the argument presented in the article. The last sentence of the introduction is your paper’s thesis. The thesis should be a statement saying whether you find the article convincing or not and (very briefly) your reasons for reaching that conclusion. It’s ok to find some aspects of the article convincing and others not, but your essay should also make an overall evaluation, rather than flipping back & forth in an indecisive way.

Body paragraphs: Write the body paragraphs by identifying 3-5 points in the article that you want to comment upon. Each paragraph should state something from the article (using summary, paraphrase or quote) and then your reaction or analysis of that part of the article. Except for the summary of the article in the introduction, you should never refer to part of the article without then discussing that part. Back up your reaction/analysis with examples.

 If you disagree with the section you are discussing, explain why. If you agree with the section you are discussing, explain why and offer a new reason or example that is not included in the article. Simply writing “that’s a good point” isn’t doing enough work yourself in the analysis. Also, organize your body paragraphs so that they discuss sections of the article in the same order as they appear in the article.

Conclusion: One of the things I hope you have begun to learn from the papers you’ve already written for this course is that for an essay to be really strong, it needs a great ending. In the first essay you wrote, that ending was a discussion of the lesson you learned or insight you gained from your experience. We discussed trying to word that lesson/insight in a way that it would be meaningful to readers who had not gone through the same experience as you.

In other words, the conclusion rose above the level of specific content in the body paragraphs, to be about something more significant than just that one experience. Now think about the persuasive essay. We learned that the conclusion of this essay needed to be emotionally stirring, so that it would have an effect on making the reader act, not just mentally agree with the argument. So, here too the conclusion raised the content of the essay’s body paragraphs to a higher level. Well, the same approach works for an analysis of a text.

Based on your reaction/analysis of the reading about looting, what statements can you make in the concluding paragraph to give your essay even more significance? Some writing teachers describe this as the conclusion needing to answer the question “So what?,” as in “Who cares? Why is this even important?” Because of the topic of the article, consider writing a conclusion that makes a powerful point about either racial justice or community safety or some larger value like these. This type of conclusion is ALWAYS better than a conclusion that dryly repeats in a summary form what you’ve already said in the paper.

If you raise the conclusion to a new level, it’s like a mic drop at the end of your paper. Boom! It’s worth putting extra effort into any essay to achieve this because it will give put the reader in the mood you want them to be in. Especially for essays you’re writing for school, you want teachers to finish the paper really impressed—rather than bored by a repetition of what you’ve already said—because the energy you create at the end of the essay often has a noticeable impact on your grade. Racial Injustices Are a Standard Racial Injustices Are a Standard Racial Injustices Are a Standard Racial Injustices Are a Standard Racial Injustices Are a Standard Racial Injustices Are a Standard


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