Project Management Plan (PMP)

Now that the Project Charter is complete from assignment 3, you will now move towards developing your Project Management Plan (PMP). Refer to both the Assignment 3 scenario, along with the project charter that was developed in assignment 3 for this assignment. This assignment consists of writing about developing the elements of a PMP. Developing the PMP is the process of defining, preparing and coordinating all subsidiary plans and integrating them into a comprehensive PMP. Elements of the PMP are listed below, and will be incorporated into the assignment: Scope management plan Schedule management plan Cost management plan Quality management plan Stakeholder management plan Human resource plan Communications management plan Risk Management Plan Procurement management plan Process improvement plan Requirements management plan Change Management Plan Configuration Management Plan Cost baseline Schedule baseline Scope baseline Work Breakdown Structure Assignment Instructions Using both assignment 3 scenario, along with the project charter, write a paper both describing and discussing the elements of a PMP, which essentially is created after project charter completion. Current and proper APA formatting is required and must include a title page, proper margins, citations, organization, proper grammar and spelling, and an ending reference list page. The word count is 1500 double-spaced words using the following paragraph headings: Title Page Introduction Organization Background Project Management Plan (PMP elements can be in subparagraph formatting) Future Plans Conclusion Reference List

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