Part 2: EMR Adoption Model

Please write a paper for me following the below guidelines. 

How does your proposed project from Module 3 integrate with or impact the existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR)? For this part of the Comprehensive Paper, discuss the EMR adoption model and analyze the stage in your current setting. Evaluate how your proposed initiative integrates with the current EMR, and identify steps that are needed in order for the EMR to progress to its next level.

  •  Explain the functions, cycles, and interoperability issues of various information systems used in healthcare settings.
  •  Examine informatics applications and technology to support healthcare, evidence-based practice, administration, research, and education for patients, families, the community, and health care professionals.

Part 2 of this paper (3-4 pages) should continue within the same document as Part 1

Part 1: Safeguarding Data IntegrityPaper from Module 3: Patient Safety Initiative Part 2

Attached you will find the papers initially worked on. Please integrate this paper with the attached papers. 

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