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Michael Roberts is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Hudson Hospital, a 225-bed community hospital in St. Elsewhere, New York. Mr. Roberts is concerned with the most recent data for length of stay at Hudson. For 2016, the breakdown of admissions to the hospital was: 55% Medical 25% Surgical 15% Maternal/Child Health 5% Psychiatric It is the medical admissions that have Mr. Roberts concerned. When compared to the case mix adjusted length of stay for medical discharges based on DRG data available from the national Milliman benchmark, it appears that Hudson has an average length of stay that exceeds 3.5 days. The financial loss to the organization is approximately $16 million for the year. Select two of the following strategies and explain how they are designed to reduce length of stay: Case Management- choose this topic Electronic Tracking of Patient Care Enhanced Weekend Ancillary Services Long-term Care Placement Coordinator- choose this topic Patient Navigator Use evidence from the health care literature (two references for each topic) to support your initial post.

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