Final research paper

This is the last written assignment for your research proposal. Please review previous assignments and make revisions as indicated by feedback provided. The previous assignments, discussion boards, and identification of evidence based clinical practice or best educational practive were necessary for you to start the process of developing a proposal for a research proposal. You are not conducting original research; you will only be developing a proposal for future research. You identified a model to promote EBP clinical research and/or Best practices in nursing education in last week’s discussion board. Please use model to organize your final proposal. In addition, integrate the Part 1 PICO(T) paper, Part 2 Literature review and this Part 3 to synthesize your findings and draw conclusions. Include in Part 3 how you might apply for funding for this project. Please use the Proposal paper outline provided for you during the first week as a guide for your paper. This assignment requires proper APA format. This includes a title page, reference page, and proper headings. An abstract is required for this final proposal. The Final EBPG proposal requires 10-15 pages in addition to the title page, abstract page, and reference page. 

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