Drug Liberalization Essay 2

Drug Liberalization Essay

Example of format in upload document.

Weigh the case for and against drug legalization and conclude with your opinion concerning this issue. This paper will be a balanced paper discussing both sides of the issue, for and against, in which you end with your conclusion. The paper is to be written in dialog form with a short introductory paragraph. TEXT FONT SIZE14. Can you MLA or APA. The paper should read like a play script with character names in bold. For example,

Linda: Drugs should be legalized because criminalization frightens users causing them to avoid seeking help.

Martin: I think drugs should not be legalized because they are very harmful to those addicted to them.

So, you will do the following in the paper,

  1. A short Introductory Paragraph (not in dialog format) that must contain,
    1. Thesis Statement: A one-sentence explanation of your opinion concerning the subject– which can include, in brief, the main reason why you think this way.
    2. A brief explanation of what you will do in your paper.
  2. Discussion of the subject in Dialogue Form:
    1. Two people having a debate about the subject, one on your side (protagonist) and the other on the opponent’s side (antagonist).
    2. You end up with your guy (the protagonist) winning the debate.
    3. Your conclusion/opinion (Can be very simple like in the example document)
  3. Reference page
    1. Four references minimum
    2. Two for each side of the argument Drug Liberalization Essay Drug Liberalization Essay Drug Liberalization Essay
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