Disease Prevention under Healthcare Reform (within the nursing community)

Topic: Disease Prevention under Healthcare Reform (within the nursing community).

Directions for the Problem, Purpose, and SignificanceHeading: Introduction to the ProblemShould be 1 ½ to 2 pages and answer the following questions:Problem Identification: What is wrong with the current situation?Background: What is the context of the problem that readers need to understand?Scope of the problem: How big a problem is it, how many people are affected?Consequences of the problem: What is the cost of not fixing the problem?Knowledge gaps: What information about the problem is lacking?Proposed solution: What is the basis for believing that the proposed study would contribute to the solution of the problem?You will need between 5-10 articles to cite within your problem statement.

Directions for the Purpose:Heading: PurposeShould be four to five sentences.It should summarize the overall study goal, identify key concepts and the population.

Directions for the Significance to Nursing:Heading: Significance to NursingShould be 1 to 1 ½ pagesThe evidence from the study should have potential to contribute meaningfully to nursing practice. Ask yourself the following questions as you develop this section: Will patient care benefit from the evidence? Will the findings challenge or lead support to untested assumptions?You should have two to four articles cited in this section.

Paper Submission:This is one paper starting with the APA title page then Introduction to the Problem, Purpose, and Significance to Nursing followed by a reference page. Make sure that you use your APA manual as I expect the following:Title page header using the words “Running head” then your shortened title with page number to the far top rightFont Times New Roman 12 for entire paper including headings and page headersDouble spaced paperHeadings should be in bold and centeredCorrect citing of author in the body of the paperProperly formatted APA reference page

Analyze problems from nursing practice that may be resolved through quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods research.

Formulate a clear, concise and complete research proposal to generate evidence.

Please follow all directions very carefully. Please also see the uploaded paper. This paper should follow along. 

All sources will be provided to you.

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