Class: Financial Management in Health Information Systems Title: Automating Healthcare Processes Conduct some independent online research into some of the various systems and applications that are ava

Week 7-Rubric, Written Assignment, and Lesson Content

 Week 7 Written Assignment Grading Rubric:

Automating Healthcare, Module 7PointsStudent
Identify a current system and state what healthcare process it automates 
Opportunity for improvement 
Cost savings and benefits 
Grammar, spelling, citations, APA format, organization, attractiveness, etc. 

Written Assignment – Automating Healthcare Processes

Conduct some independent online research into some of the various systems and applications that are available for automating healthcare processes, whether clinical procedures or administrative procedures.

In a 1-2 page Word document, explain some of the opportunities for improvement and potential cost savings and benefits related to automation.

APA Format, reference, and in-citation for the documentation. Please see rubric for more details.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document

Lesson Content

The Effects of Technology in Healthcare

Organizations are facing extreme pressures to reduce the cost of healthcare while also improving the quality of care for patients. These goals are the central focus of a wide array of technology initiatives throughout the healthcare industry, both in terms of significant advancements in clinical solutions and continued efforts to streamline administrative costs.

Through the use of technology, healthcare organizations are able to quickly identify underperforming operational areas and prioritize actions to address them. Not only does it create flexibility and agility in execution that can decrease costs, it also improves service quality and boosts operating capacity.

Technology is becoming a critical component of provider efforts to improve quality and reduce costs. Technology is helping organizations track data/trends and identify better approaches for improved efficiency and patient care. Therefore, allowing health care organizations to better manage risk and improve overall value. Some important lessons learned with implementing technology include not focusing on the technology, but on how the technology will improve patient care, increase efficiency, and improve the work environment for staff.

For many organizations, financial success depends on a strong commitment to revenue integrity. To fully support revenue integrity, an organization must incorporate leadership to transcend boundaries around traditional functions and roles in order to establish:

  • Organization wide understanding of the importance of revenue integrity to the organization
  • Effective communication across all aspects of the revenue cycle
  • Processes that ensure appropriate collection of data, transformation of data into information, and actions based on the information – actions that prevent revenue loss before it occurs
  • Technology support for these processes, including automating routine actions
  • Reporting of information about revenue integrity for senior management guidance and for middle management actions
  • Continual review and analysis of causes of revenue loss to improve processes systemically

Developing such a focus begins with timely use of key data. The more efficient an organization’s technology is at capturing proper performance information and transforming it into actionable strategy, then the better positioned it will be to adapt swiftly to changes and prevent potential problems from escalating.

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