KSU 100 Business Professional Ethics in Corporate America Executive Summary Essay

Business Professional Ethics in Corporate America Executive Summary Essay

I would like you to write about professional ethics in corporate America. I would like this paper to be long enough to cover the topic but not very long like from 10 to 25 pages on general history of professional ethics in America over the years as an introduction. Then more specifically and importantly as the main content of this paper, to write about how American business have gone from trust and simple handshakes to contracts and lawyers.

What developments happened over the years that made business run on “trust” even advertising as such like “ a name you can trust” with regarding to Henry Ford and now the increase of embezzlement in corporate America and increase of partners splitting up. Factors including Role of greed in professional ethics or role of globalism and how it effected either life in corporate America.

Just make sure to cover the topic and give plenty of background information and give a thorough analysis

the professor cares a lot about the content and covering the topic well and he doesn’t want to be very long

the paper is due Dec 6 at 08:00 am so i want to be done by Dec 4 or 5 to review it.

this is the requirements:

Final+Project+Rubric.docx that’s how he wants the paper

Product_Development_Barry_Bidinger_Sample+Project.pdf this is just an example paper it’s not related to my topic. he told me it will help you about requirements to how to write your paper

thanks. Business Professional Ethics Business Professional Ethics.


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