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In this course we have explored a broad set of concerns that influence health and family life. We have used topic threads such as environmental justice, culture, human behavior, and human development to reflect on healthcare outcomes. We have read about specific populations and groups, often vulnerable, as a result of a variety of different circumstances. Now it is time to reflect on what this kind of exploration adds to your role as an FNP. Below are the course outcomes. Use these outcomes to guide your brief discussion of the course in the course survey. Your comments are anonymous. They will be used to benefit the course content as well as your own concluding thoughts on your participation in this course and future online courses. Course Outcomes CLO1: Identify the knowledge, skills, and attitudes fundamental to safe, high-quality, evidence-based, family-centered health care across the lifespan. CLO2: Integrate the concepts of environmental justice, mutuality, and ethics in a global, community, and family healthcare setting. CLO3: Apply theories and models to support families from diverse sociocultural and geographic backgrounds that have complex needs, including families with substance abuse, mental illness, and gender identification concerns. CLO4: Apply theories and models to support families through the normal stages of the family lifecycle, including starting a new family, child rearing, launching of children, and healthy aging. CLO5: Compare the importance of aging well with the realities of living old. CLO6: Integrate genomics and epigenetics with health protection and promotion in the provision of family-centered, personalized healthcare services. Question 1) If you were advising a new online FNP student what three pieces of advice would you give to them to be successful in this course? Question 2) What did you like best about this course? What did you like? Question 3) What would you like the teacher to know? Question 4) What got in the way of your learning?

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